Aeloi Technologies in association with Standard Chartered Bank Nepal

We are excited to announce that Standard Chartered Bank Nepal and Aeloi Technologies are collaborating to provide women entrepreneurship loans to female safa tempo owners.

Aeloi Technologies & Standard Chartered Bank Nepal

The loans will be provided by Standard Chartered Bank Nepal and subsidized by the Government of Nepal through Subsidized Lending Program. The loans will be distributed digitally using Aeloi’s loan insight software. Specifically, the loans are for safa tempo lithium-ion batteries for women owners. With Aeloi’s and Standard Chartered Bank Nepal’s association, women micro-entrepreneurs will have access to affordable credit without any hassle. It will increase the number of safa tempos on the road which means a cleaner and lesser air pollution in Kathmandu. We are hopeful that this initiative will uplift women micro-entrepreneurs of Nepal and push the cause of sustainable transportation.

Contract signing between Aeloi Technologies & Standard Chartered Bank Nepal

In particular, we want to thank Ms. Claudia Marcusson from Standard Chartered Ventures in Singapore. As one of the winners of One Young World #Lead2030 Challenge, we have been receiving mentorship from Ms. Marcusson. Without this mentorship, this partnership would not have been possible.



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